Social Contributions

Social Contributions

Organizing Medical Camps

The Mandal has conducted multiple camps to facilitate blood donations, eye examinations, and general health checkups for devotees, thereby promoting a culture of wellness and community service.

Tree Plantation Drive

The Mandal has actively participated in a tree plantation initiative to contribute to environmental sustainability and create a greener neighborhood.

Eco-friendly Slogans Initiative

The Mandal has undertaken a campaign where they have promoted 95 eco-friendly slogans, raising awareness about environmental issues and encouraging individuals to adopt eco-conscious practices.

Promotion of Paper Bags through Art

The Mandal organized a unique initiative involving disabled children who created a 128ft Ganpati image using paper. This creative endeavor aimed to highlight the importance of using paper bags as an eco-friendly alternative.

Support for Orphaned Children through Aadhar Foundation

The Mandal has extended assistance to the Aadhar Foundation, a charitable organization focused on providing orphaned children with a new life and family, helping to improve their overall well-being.

Aid for Konkan Flood Victims

During the devastating floods in the Konkan region, the Mandal contributed to the relief efforts by providing food and clothing donations to support the affected communities.

Collaboration with Nana Patekar Foundation Naam

The Mandal offered financial assistance to the Nana Patekar Foundation Naam, enabling them to continue their social endeavors and address the issues faced by farmers.

Assistance for Palghar Ashram during Floods

In response to the floods in Palghar, the Mandal provided essential resources such as books, utensils, roofs, and food to Adivasi students and villagers at the Palghar Ashram, ensuring their well-being during challenging times.

Recognition of Eco-friendly Ganesh Sculptors and Artists

The Mandal has taken the initiative to felicitate and award all eco-friendly Ganesh sculptors and artists, appreciating their contributions towards promoting sustainable celebrations.

Establishment of Brihanmumbai Ganeshotsav Samiti

In 1982, the Mandal established the “Brihanmumbai Ganeshotsav Samiti”, a registered organization dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by Ganeshotsav mandals, thereby facilitating the resolution of various issues affecting the community.

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