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Brand Uniqueness

Unique and Impressive Idol

The Girgaon Cha Raja Mandal boasts a remarkable 22-feet idol, weighing a staggering 3500 kg. Its grandeur captivates every devotee, making it difficult for them to take their eyes off.

Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol

Setting themselves apart from others, the Mandal’s idol is crafted using bamboo structure and clay, making them the number one choice for eco-friendly Ganesh idols in Maharashtra.

Generations of Sculpture Art

The idol’s sculpture art has been perfected over four generations of the Patkar Family, showcasing their exceptional creativity and talent.

Extended Procession Rally

The Mandal’s procession rally commences early in the morning at 8 am and lasts for 24 hours, covering a 3 km distance before reaching Girgaon Chowpatty the following day at 6 am. It is a prominent event that draws attention due to its extended duration.

Quick Dissolution in Water

When the idol is immersed in the water, it melts away within half an hour due to the clay used in its construction, symbolizing the transient nature of the deity’s presence.

News Channel Coverage

The Mandal’s Ganeshotsav Visarjan (immersion) day has garnered significant media attention, with news channels featuring their procession. The title “Mumbaiche Raje Nighale” (Mumbai’s King has departed) has placed them among the top three Ganesh mandals in Mumbai.

Venue Highlights

Nikadwari Lane holds a prime location at the heart of Charni Road, witnessing a daily influx of over 50,000 people and numerous buses
and vehicles passing through its main entrance.

The lane is surrounded by various educational institutions
 and commercial markets. Notably, it is renowned in Mumbai
for housing the Pancharatna Diamond Market and Kandewadi
 Wedding Card Market
. Additionally, it enjoys proximity to the
Opera House Electronics & Auto Spare Parts Market.

The area also boasts prominent venues such as the Central Plaza Cinema, Opera House Theatre, Girgaon Church, Saifee & Reliance Hospital, and several banks. This vibrant mix of establishments contributes to the high footfall experienced in the vicinity.

Prime Branding Space

Main Gate with Slides

Across the Road Gate 1

Across the Road Gate 2

Opposite Girgaon Church at Signal

Kandewadi Police Station

Khadilkar Road Market Side

Opp. Main Gate Hoarding

Mandap Hoarding

Inside Lane small Hoarding

Inside Lane Medium Hoarding

Inside Lane Arch Gate

Other Branding Opportunities

Branding Benefits

The Advertisers do their product branding and its reaches out to targeted audience in various branding aspects we propose without spending large amount of money as compared to market.

As far as Main Gate is concern is a prime location to do branding since this route is the main road leads to Girgaon Chowpatty where millions of people passes during Ganeshotsav.

Girgaon Cha Raja fame and its own uniqueness grab a lot of devotees not only Mumbai but across Maharashtra, also our previous celebrities, Politicians and other diginities take out sometime from their busy schedule visit our mandal.

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